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 Buffet Lunch Everyday $12.95 

  Several Hot and Cold Entrees, Salads and Desserts


ALOO PAPDI                                                                                    5

Flour crisps served with chick peas, potatoes,

spiced yogurt, tamarind and mint chutney


BHEL POORI                                                                                    5

Rice puffs, chick-pea flour vermicelli,

diced potatoes & onions mixed with tangy sauces


SEV BATATA POORI                                                                       7

Chick peas and potatoes stuffed in wheat shells

with sweet & sour sauce and vermicelli on top


MASALA PAPAD                                                                              4

Deep fried lentil wafers topped with

diced onions, peppers, & cilantro


COCKTAIL SAMOSAS                                                                    5

Crisp, deep-fried turnovers with seasoned

potatoes and peas, 3 pcs.


CORN SAMOSAS                                                                             5

Crisp, deep-fried turnovers with seasoned

corn, paneer and green peppers, 3 pcs.


SUBZI TIKKI                                                                                      5

Cutlets made with mashed carrots,

turnips, peas and potatoes, 3 pcs.


KABAB SAMPLER                                                                           14

A delicious combination of Malai Chicken,

Haryali Kabab & Achari Kabab(2 pcs of ea.)


SPRING ROLLS                                                                                  5

Julienne cut vegetables rolled in thin crepes

& deep fried, served with Manchurian sauce, 3 pcs


PAKORAS                                                                                            6

Assortment of deep-fried golden brown finger

hot peppers, onion, spinach & potatoes

in chick-pea batter


PAKORA MANCHURIAN                                               8

Spinach pakoras sautéed in manchurian sauce


MIRCHI PAKORA                                                                                 6

Deep fried finger hot pepper fritters


BHINDI AMCHUR                                                                                 8

Deep fried wafer thin slices of okra

sprinkled with tangy spices


KEEMA SAMOSA                                                                                6

Deep fried flour turnovers stuffed

with spiced mince lamb, 2 pcs.


CHEF SPECIAL APPETIZER                                                              14

A tantalizing mixture of seikh kabab and

chicken tikka with seasoned sauce, pan-fried


FRIED FISH                                                                                             9

Fried fish in chick pea batter, 6 pcs.


INDIAN HOR D’OEUVRES                                                                  12

A mouth-watering assortment of keema samosa,

pakoras, and chicken tikka


VEGETARIAN HOR D’OEUVRES                                                       10

A sumptuous variety of two samosas,

subzi tikki, and mixed pakoras


PANEER TIKKA SPECIAL                                                                   12

Chunks of Tandoori paneer (homemade

cheese) pan-fried in a spiced gravy


Shorbas (Traditional Indian Soups) 


MULLIGATAWNY                                                                                  4

Delicately spiced chicken soup


TOMATO                                                                                                4

Fresh Tomato soup seasoned with

cloves, cumin seed, and cilantro


Tandoori (Specialties from Gaylord's traditional Charcoal Clay Oven) 


TANDOORI MURG                                                                              11          (Half)

Spring Chicken marinated in spiced                                18          (Full)

yogurt and over a half-a-dozen seasonings,

then delicately roasted


SEIKH KABAB                                                                                     17

Deliciously spiced skewered rolls of

minced lamb


TANDOORI MIX GRILL                                                                       16

An assortment of tandoori chicken, seikh

kabab, malai chicken & mahi tikka


MALAI KABAB                                                                                     16

Chunks of chicken breast marinated in a

spiced cream cheese mixture and cooked


KATI KABAB                                                                                         16

Skewered rolls of spiced minced chicken

stuffed with cream cheese


HARYALI KABAB                                                                                  16

Chicken marinated in spice, mint & roasted

in tandoor (7pcs.)


CHICKEN TIKKA                                                                                   15

Chunks of boneless chicken marinated in spices

& roasted with bell peppers, onions & tomatoes


LAMB CHOPS                                                                                      22

Succulent lamb chops marinated in Indian

spices and delicately cooked, 4 pcs.


MAHI TIKKA                                                                                          18

Marinated chunks of expertly-seasoned

fish, cooked to perfection


TANDOORI JHINGA                                                                              22

Jumbo prawns marinated overnight in a

delicately seasoned mixture


PANEER SHASLIK                                                                                14

Homemade cheese with bell peppers & onions

marinated in Indian spices


VEGETABLE KABAB                                                                             14

Vegetable cutlets rolled on a skewer & cooked


VEG SHASLIK                                                                                         14

Seasoned fresh vegetables marinated in spiced

cream cheese & roasted (10pcs.)


VEG KATI KABAB                                                                                   14

Skewered rolls of vegetable cutlet stuffed

with cream cheese


TANDOORI KHUMB ALOO                                                                    12                                                       

Marinated mushrooms and potatoes grilled

to perfection




MURG MAKHANI                                                                16

Boneless pieces of tandoori chicken, cooked

in butter, seasonings, and fresh tomato puree


CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA                                                  16

Tender tandoori-cooked boneless chicken curried

in a special sauce


MURG BHUNA                                                                     15

Boneless chicken pieces cooked in a

hearty spiced onion gravy


KARAHI CHICKEN                                                               16                          

Delicately seasoned chicken cooked with

tomato, onion, ginger, green chillis & coriander


CHICKEN VINDALOO                                                           15

Boneless chicken cooked in a hot and

tangy, gravy with potatoes


SAAG CHICKEN                                                                   15

Fresh spinach and chicken sautéed

in a curry sauce


CHILI CHICKEN                                                                    15

Boneless chicken pieces, green & red

bell pepper simmered in manchurian sauce


MIRGH BADAM PASANDA                                                    16

Delicately seasoned chicken with almonds

in cream sauce, the food of royalty!


CHICKEN GAYLORD                                                                                        17

Marinated chicken tenderly cooked over low

heat with bell pepper, onion & spices




SHRIMP MASALA                                                              19

Jumbo prawns, halved and slowly cooked

in a rich tomato sauce, blended with spices


FISH CURRY                                                                      18

A delight for seafood lovers! Tender cubes of 

mahi tikka simmered in a seasoned tomato gravy


SHRIMP PEPPER MASALA                                                19

Jumbo prawns sautéed in butter & blended

with rich curry sauce & garden fresh bell pepper


KERALA FISH CURRY                                                         18

A South Indian delicacy! Fish fillet slowly

simmered in a seasoned coconut sauce


SHRIMP BHUNA                                                                                       20          

Prawns cooked in onion gravy with touch

of spices & tomatoes



Lamb (Fragrant, Tender Lamb Dishes) 


ROGAN JOSH                                                                                            18

Tender chunks of lamb, delicately cooked

in a tomato-onion seasoned gravy


GOSHT PASANDA                                                                                     18

Seasoned blend of lamb in a hearty, onion

based gravy with cream sauce


LAMB VINDALOO                                                                                      18

Lamb cooked in a hot and tangy

sauce. A South Indian specialty!


LAMB BHUNA                                                                                             18

Roasted chunks of lamb cooked in

a dry onion curry sauce


LAMB KADAI                                                                                               18

Tender pieces of lamb cooked with ginger, tomato, onion,

green chilis & coriander in an Indian Iron Wok


SAAG MEAT                                                                                                 18

Delicately seasoned fresh spinach, cooked

with chunks of lamb in gravy


KEEMA MUTTER                                                                                         15

Spiced ground lamb cooked with

fresh peas




KOFTA LAJAWAB                                                                                     13

Cottage cheese potato rounds,

stuffed with nuts and fruits in cream sauce


VEGETABLE MAKHANI                                                                             14

Assorted fresh vegetables in creamy

butter and tomato sauce


MUTTER PANEER                                                                                      12

Chunks of homemade cheese cooked

with green peas in mild curry


SAAG PANEER                                                                                           13

Delicately-flavored fresh spinach cooked with

chunks of homemade cheese. An exotic delight!


CHANNA PINDI                                                                                           11

Tender chick-peas, cooked and simmered

in fresh tomato sauce and numerous spices


ALOO BENGAN                                                                                           11

Cubes of fresh eggplant and potatoes slowly

simmered in rich seasoned curried sauce  


BOMBAY ALOO                                                                                          10

Potatoes sautéed with cumin seeds, spices,

and fresh cilantro


BHINDI                                                                                                          12

Tender lightly deep-fried okra with fresh

sautéed tomatoes and onions


BENGAN BHARTHA                                                                                    13

Tender mashed eggplant blended with

sautéed onions, tomatoes and green peas


PANEER BHURJI                                                                                         14

Shredded homemade cheese with

spices in a dry cream sauce


GOBHI MANCHURIAN                                                                                 14

Batter dipped cauliflower cooked in

manchurian sauce


YELLOW DAL                                                                                               11

Thick lentil soup made of moong

chana dal sautéed with spices


DAL MAKHANI                                                                                              12

Delicately-simmered blend of assorted lentils

cooked in butter and cream


PANEER PASANDA                                                                                      16

Chunks of homemade seasoned cheese

cooked in cream sauce with almonds


ALOO DAHI WALA                                                                                        11

Potatoes cooked with cumin seeds

in a yogurt based sauce


METHI MUTTER MALAI                                                                                13

Fenugreek leaves cooked with grated

paneer and green peas


PANEER MAKHANI                                                                                        16

Chunks of homemade cheese cooked in

a creamy butter and tomato sauce


PANEER GAYLORD                                                                                       15

Chunks of homemade cheese with green &

red bell pepper simmered in a chili sauce


DAL PALAK                                                                                                    12

Seasoned spinach & lentils

cooked to perfection


ALOO MAKHANI                                                                                             11

Potatoes in tomato-cream sauce


SAAG ALOO                                                                                                    11

Sautéed fresh spinach and potatoes


BHINDI TADKA                                                                                                12

Bhindi (Okra) sautéed with fresh

herbs & spices


KARHAI SAAG                                                                                                 12

Fresh spinach sautéed in wok


ALOO GOBHI                                                                                                   12

A mouth-watering blend of cauliflower and potatoes

seasoned to perfection


SHIMLA ALOO                                                                                                11

Blend of potatoes, bell pepper & tomato cooked to perfection


SAAG MAKAI                                                                                                   12

Sautéed fresh spinach cooked with corn and spices


NAVRATTAN KORMA                                                                                    12

Assortment of garden fresh carrots, peas,

potatoes, and bell pepper delicately cooked in



RAITA (Yogurt Recipes)                                                      5

with Cucumber


Biriyani (Savory Rice Dishes)


SHAHJAHANI                                                                                                      14

Rice cooked with boneless chicken, nuts and spices 


SAGWALE CHAWAL                                                                                          11

Spinach and Basmati rice


GOSHT BIRIYANI                                                                                                 17

Saffron rice cooked with tender chunks of lamb meat and curry


JEERA RICE                                                                                                          6

Aromatic Basmati rice cooked with cumin seeds, cardamom

and cloves


NAVARATTAN BIRIYANI                                                                                    13

Basmati rice cooked with garden-fresh vegetables


MUTTER PULAO                                                                                                  6

Richly-aromatic rice cooked with fresh peas, saffron, cloves

and cardamom


SHRIMP BIRIYANI                                                                                                20

Basmati rice cooked with shrimp and aromatic spices


WHITE RICE                                                                                                          4

Basmati rice boiled to perfection



Roti (Breads like you have never tasted before!) 

Gaylord takes pride in presenting an assortment of special Indian breads cooked in our clay ovens.

Traditionally, meals in India are eaten with bread. Try one or more of these palate-pleasers and you’ll

understand why!


NAN                                                                                                                     3

Silky, unleavened bread


BLACK PEPPER CILANTRO NAN                                                                  4

Unleavened bread sprinkled with

black pepper and cilantro


GARLIC NAN                                                                                                      4

Unleavened bread stuffed with fresh chopped



POOREE (two)                                                                                                   4

Deep-fried, tender and puffy whole wheat bread


ALOO PARATHA                                                                                               4

Whole wheat bread, stuffed with spiced,

boiled potatoes


ROTI                                                                                                                     3

Round whole wheat flour bread


MUMTAZI KULCHA                                                                                            5

Nan, stuffed with minced tandoori chicken,

with a touch of ginger, onion and chilies


RUMALI ROTI                                                                                                      4

Large paper thin unleavened bread prepared

on an inverted wok


PARATHA                                                                                                             4

Delectable whole wheat buttered, layered bread


MIRCHI NAN                                                                                                         4

Nan bread stuffed with spicy green chili


KEEMA NAN                                                                                                         6

Mouth-watering bread, stuffed with seasoned

minced lamb meat. Our best seller!


ASSORTED BREADS (for two)                                                                          9

Nan, Aloo Paratha, and Pyazi Kulcha


RAJASTHANI ROTI                                                                                             5

Whole wheat bread, stuffed with spiced

mustard greens


PANEER KULCHA                                                                                                5

Fresh unleavened bread stuffed with homemade

cheese & cream cheese


PYAZI KULCHA                                                                                                    4

Nan stuffed with onions


Indian Desserts


RASMALAI                                                                                                           5

Homemade cheese patties in sweetened cream sauce


COCONUT ICE CREAM                                                                                       4

Freshly made ice cream with coconut


MANGO KULFI                                                                                                      5

Mango flavored unchurned ice cream 


PUNJABI KHEER                                                                                                  4

Exotic rice pudding


PISTA KULFI                                                                                                         5

Unchurned ice cream with fresh pistachio and almonds


GULAB JAMUN                                                                                                     4

Bisquick and homemade cheese rounds soaked in sugar syrup


ORANGE KULFI                                                                                                     6

Creamy orange ice cream served in an orange shell




TEA                                                                                                                         2

COFFEE / DECAF                                                                                                2

INDIAN SPICED TEA                                                                                           3

MANGO LASSI (Mango flavored yogurt drink)                                                 4

LASSI (Yogurt drink - sweet/salted/plain)                                                        3

STRAWBERRY LASSI                                                                                         4

MANGO SHAKE                                                                                                    5


18% Gratuity added on groups of five or more. Prices Subject to change anytime.